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Money from Battles


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So, for the last 2 days I have not recieved the money that I won from the battles I engaged in. The other country is not out of troops, so I did not destroy the money, but I won, and did not recieve the money either.

Another in my alliance has experienced the same problem for the last 2 days.


And this game is fun

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Which of the three nations you're fighting are you talking about? It must be this one since it's the only one with soldiers left. He's 18 days inactive. You receive no loot from nations 13 or more days inactive. This from the CN Information Index:

When battling there is a small chance that your nation will capture land, technology, and money of the defending nation both for Victory and Defeat battle outcome results. The spoils of war land, technology, and money amounts are immediately deducted from the defending nation and added to your nation. The victor in a battle has the ability to capture up to 15% of the opponents available cash up to $1 million. (If the defending nation has been inactive for 13 days or more these items will be destroyed rather than looted)
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