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Variety of Things for Sale (tech, votes etc)


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I am the head of a small alliance of new Nations (about 18 small countries).

We are looking to grow, expand and strengthen ourselves and hopefully make friends.

We are offering tech for sale, votes in Pink senate elections (if such a thing is deemed ethical) and trade in whatever goods are needed.

Tech and trade available to players from all teams.

In addition to providing a mutually beneficial exchange of goods, services and finance we would be hoping to possibly become a protectorate or have a Pact with a larger alliance.

If you are interested and want to make an offer, please PM me and if interested I will contact you through Cyber Nations.

I do not include my Nations name here are we are a weak alliance and I do not want to get drawn into any potential conflicts.

Thanks and I hope you can help our alliance grow whilst helping your own



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