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Trade Circle (any color)


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I've been looking for a trade circle for a long time. Decided to post here. Reply if you're interested. Any feedback on the resource selection is welcome as long as my resources get put in :awesome:

Focuses mostly on getting income and a little on everything else. Uranium for big nations and because I wanna be in my own circle :D

The only requirement is to have a harbor and 2 of the untaken resources.

The color doesn't matter, but brown would be nice :)

Aluminum- goochville

Coal- goochville



Lead- Noogerwickia






Wheat- Noogerwickia


Bonus Resources:


Fine Jewelry




Purchased Land Increase: 15%

Infra Purchase Cost: -17%

Infra Upkeep: -11%

Tech Purchase Cost: -13%

Population Increase: 8%

Income Increase: $ 9.5 (+7.5 if >30 tech and support using nuclear power)

Happiness Increase: +14.5

Citizens per Mile: +50

Enviroment: -2 (except for the nations that are native coal, oil, uranium) :(

Soldier Cost: $ -3

Soldier Efficiency: 38%

Soldier Upkeep: $ -0.5

Tank Cost: -8%

Tank Upkeep: -13%

Aircraft Cost: -12%

Aircraft Upkeep: -25%

CM Cost: -20%

CM Upkeep: -20%

Nuke Cost: -20%

Nuke Upkeep: -20%

Navy Upkeep: -30%

Submarine Cost: -15%

Submarine Upkeep: -45%

Aircraft Carrier Cost: -15%

Aircraft Carrier Upkeep: -45%

Frigate Cost: -10%

Frigate Upkeep: -10%

Destroyer Cost: -10%

Destroyer Upkeep: -10%

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