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Reign of All Warriors

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We are the newley formed alliance of Reign of All Warriors, RAW, but we're growing fast. So join us today as we grow to become a powerful alliance. Go down and click on Reign of All Warriors to view our site.



Reign of All Warriors

I. Preamble

1) On this day of July 20, 2008, We the people of the Reign of All Warriors, RAW, declare ourselves a free, white team alliance. RAW exists to strengthen and protect the nations within its walls while also building overall unity and strength of RAW as an alliance.

II. Admission and Membership

1) To be admitted into the Reign of All Warriors, one must visit the RAW forum and fill out an application containing the following:

Nation name-





Prev Alliances-

Are you in a war right now-

Link to nation-

2) Team color must be WHITE and a grace period will be given of 2 days to change your color.

3) No member will be admitted into RAW if they are already in another alliance or currently at war.

4) All members are bound to follow the rules set forth in this constitution.

III. War

1) Reign of All Warriors will be ready to go to war at any time. All nations must be prepared to be called on for military duty.

2) If any nation of RAW is attacked, war will immediately be declared upon the attacking nation.

3) Any nation of RAW may declare war on their own, but if they do this, the other nations of RAW are not obligated to back up the attacking nation unless deemed necessary by the President.

IV. Government

1) Reign of All Warriors has a very strong, central government. Its divided into the Circle of Chiefs and the President.

2) Circle of Chiefs:

-Chief of Defense- who is charged with the coordination and upkeep of the military.

-Chief of Recruiting- who is charged with gaining new members for RAW

-Chief of Finance- who is charged with the coordination and upkeep of aid and the financial status of all members in the alliance.

-Chief of Internal Affairs- who is charged with the upkeep of internal relations amongst the members of the alliance.

-Chief of Foreign Affairs- who is charged with the creation and upkeep of relations with other states and alliances.

3) President:The President is the Sovereign of the alliance. As such, the President has the sole power over the internal and external affairs of the alliance, although such powers can be delegated to others. The President is the final authority on all internal and external matters. The Presidnet can create any office and appoint any member to that office at his sole discretion. The President serves for life or until resignation. The current President will designate an heir to take over the throne should the current President resign or die.

V. Trials

1) If a person is accused of braking one of the rules then a trail will be held.

2) The Circle of Chiefs and President will decide upon the fate of the accused. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

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