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Massive toxic leakage has been detected in your nation endangering the lives of your population. To fully cleanup the mess a national forest will have to be destroyed.

Option 1: Organize a full cleanup effort. 2 points of damage to environment.

Option 2: Organize a partial cleanup effort. 1 point of damage to environment, Citizen count -1%.

No responce Citizen count -5%.

Man this is a b**ch of a event :angry: Wondering what the best option to pick would be?

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Well, without knowing all your particulars, it looks like Option 2 is the best of the lot. Environment points are worth ~1.73% in population as well as about 1% in income. So option A would do a ~3.5% reduction in citizens and a 2% loss in income verses option B which would reduce citizens by ~ 2.73% with a 1% reduction in income. The other factor is Event effects on environment are considered after government, resources, and border walls so you will not be able to reduce the effects of environment events.

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