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The Union Of Nations

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The Union Of Nations is a small alliance and needs new members. If you join you get $100000. We dont believe in alot of rules, you can preety much do what you want. You are protected by us and another alliance called CSoE. We are trying to make defense treatys with more alliances so our members are more safe.

1) WAR

a)You are allowed to attack at any time.

b)You are NOT allowed to attack any nation with in the alliance, if there is a problem with any other nation than the problem should be reported and the nation will be dealt with.


a)As in other CN forums harrasment is not allowed at any time, even as a joke. If you are reported harrasing someone you will be dealt with imidiatly.

b)The harrassment of a nation out side the alliance is also not allowed, if that nation feels provoked and attacks as a reslut of harrassment no aid will be givin. If you are not attacked by a nation you harrassed than you will still be punished, that is if you are caught.


a)White (invisible) type is not allowed to send any messages. If you are found using this than you will be banned for a period of time.


a)Threats are never allowed, even out of the alliance, if you are found threatening anyone you WILL be banned with out trial.


a)The use of swears is not allowed on this forum, as is the same with the othe cn forums. If found using swears you will be dealt with.

b)The use of sexual words, phrases, or topics are strictly prohibited, if found using these you will be banned.


a)If a nation out of the alliance is threatening you, harrassing you or anything else like that, report it imidiatly, if reported aid wil be imidiatly sent to you and you will be told to go to war with them, so we know that you had a reson to receive aid.

These rules and guidlines are to always be followed in THE UNION OF NATIONS.

Our fourums are:


If you want to join contact King Daniel The 1st, Leader Of TUON

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