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Note, I said as far as I could tell the border wall wasn't trying to reduce the global radiation amount. And yes, I do have radiation cleanup.

Environment: [Your nation enjoys a very clean and healthy environment. Your citizens are happy and are more numerous as a result.] 1.51

Global Radiation: 0.51

There is room for it to improve without touching the enviromental changes caused by global radiation. That was not the cause of my problems near as I can tell. Now then, Do you mind answering why its not giving the +1 improvement to my enviroment?

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err... I'm not sure if I understand correctly what you are reporting as a bug here, but I will tell you something which might give you an answer to your problem.

best possible enviroment is 1 + GRL

This is true. 1.51 (when the GRL is .51) is the best possible environment you could get.

Question answered.

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