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Ninja Soup Alliance

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Ninja Soup Alliance (NSA)

Black Team


The Ninja Soup Alliance is a small group of peaceful nations who have bound themselves together by common beliefs they all hold. The Ninja Soup Alliance believes in fun, friendship and camaraderie rather than power and domination. As a group, the primary objective of the NSA is to provide mutual defense for all of it's members so that their nations may prosper and grow in peace. We do not promote, nor do we condone, unprovoked attacks or tech raiding of any kind on/from our members. Due to our small numbers we can also afford to let all members have a say in alliance matters, making the NSA very democratic. If you are looking for a fun and friendly alliance that will listen to what you have to say, the Ninja Soup Alliance is the organization for you.

Above is a brief explanation of what the Ninja Soup Alliance is all about. Such a short description does not adequately depict the small, but dynamic group that the NSA is. If you have a few moments to spare, then I'd like to tell you a little more about the NSA. I am a common person and I believe in using common words, so that is how I will present the Ninja Soup Alliance to any interested parties.

Who we are and who we want...

Currently the NSA is comprised of twelve small nations. We are all peaceful players and wish only to see our nations prosper peacefully within the CN world. As a group we feel now that we have organized ourselves well enough to begin recruiting new members who share our aspirations. Those who apply should be dedicated, eager to participate, cannot be in any other alliances, and cannot be fighting in any wars. That is what we ask of anyone seeking to join our ranks.

What the NSA is...

The Ninja Soup Alliance is a small alliance that prides itself on being an extremely democratic organization. Every new nation that becomes a member of the alliance gains a seat in the NSA Senate. The Senate is the voting body of the alliance that makes all the important decisions. So basically if you are a member of the alliance, you have an equal voice in the Senate. Next to peace, the democratic process is what we hold most highly.

I also should mention that before the NSA was started, it's charter members were already friends. We all posted on a message board together(you can probably guess the name) and we all started getting interested in CN at about the same time. After we formed our alliance, outside friends of the charter members started joining. Essentially our alliance is just a network of friends and our goal is to keep it that way. We want every new member to become a friend.

Where the NSA home base is...

Click here to view our forums.

That is the link to our forums. Those seeking membership and diplomacy alike must enter the forums through the same place. Create an account and wait for it to be validated by the admins(for security reasons). Then head to the "Welcome Desk", specifically the "Recruits and Visitors" forum. Follow the instructions posted and we'll go from there.

When the alliance began...

The Ninja Soup Alliance was formed in mid June, 2008. As of the initial posting of this topic the alliance is still in its infancy. As a group we are still legitimizing the details of our internal structure. As a democratic organization we hope that the alliance will never truly stop amending itself and evolving to become a stronger governing body.

Why the alliance began...

It's simple really. Myself and a few other charter members grew tired of facing the prospects of either being constantly raided by rogue nations or being forced to join a large faceless alliance for protection. None of us desired to be a part of a large alliance that would not listen to us nor care about us in the least. We sought a way to legitimately protect one another from unwarranted attacks and mutually decided that forming an alliance would be the best way to do that. The NSA wasn't formed to give it's members a way to tech raid or bully other nations, it was built for mutual defense of it's members.


That is all I have to say for now, really. If you have any questions feel free to visit our forums, or post your questions in this topic. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Ninja Soup Alliance. Thanks for your time and interest, we hope to see your on our forums.

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