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Strategic Defense Initiative

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Join us at the Strategic Defense Initiative. Why? We have a new mentor program to show you the ropes and help build your nation to be its very best. Up to 3 mil in startup aid for active nations. We can also help find you trades on the white sphere.

We're located at http://strategicdefenseinitiative.net Come check us out.

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Here are some of the reasons you should join SDI.

1) We offer programs and advice to help build your nation.

2) Our mentoring program will pair you with an experienced player for advice.

3) You will be protected from wars and being tech raided.

4) We offer up to 3 million in start up aid.

5) After switching your nation to white, we can help get your trades set up with our access to the SNOW trading circles.

Join us today. Visit our forums at http://www.strategicdefenseinitiative.net to sign up.

Now if that doesn't make you want to join, then seen R2D2 on our Irc should!. :awesome:

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Our popcorn machine is at the shop. Join us and bring your own! We offer monies. We also offer good times and great oldies. Soon we'll have amusing diversions available on our forums once I figure out how to put them up there.


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well thats good more popcorn :awesome:

know WAPA will make the highest treaty possible for a taste of that popcorn. :blush:

oooh and happy birthdat Fifelad because its or 22nd :wub:

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