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Destroying Schools


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Well, today, I accidentally bought a school instead of a stadium. No big deal, I thought. I'll just destroy it and buy what I wanted in the first place. But, it says I can't, because I have Universities. The way the help page describes this situation is that, if a school is supporting a university, it can't be destroyed. Aren't only my first three schools supporting universities? So I should be able to destroy the fourth one I bought today, which I can't.

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Alright, I can accept that its not a bug, and that I'm stuck with the school (actually doesn't make much sense for me to destroy the school for the stadium at the moment anyways. It'll take me forever to even break even on that type of thing with my infra level, as I realized after).

Shouldn't the help page be reworded though? Because right now, it makes it seem like only the first three schools can't be destroyed.

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