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July & August donations for sale


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Selling a July & August donation for $30m and 500 tech. I will be looking for the first 5 slots of ($15m & 250 tech) aid in the last week of July with the balance paid 10 days later. All middle men etc provided by the sender of the aid (you).

Deal done.

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this is hard,

you are asking for the price of 4 donations,

however if you choose to go down a bit contact me

The price is high, but its easier to get cash and tech than donations. If I get no takers I will just set up a few tech deals. Two guaranteed donations in one go saves looking again next month.

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I don't think you're going to find a bigger nation - the kind looking for a donation - to be willing to give up nearly any Tech, let alone 500 Tech.

I might be willing to pay $39M, but if someone wants the money faster, they need to help find the middlemen.

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