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Hello, my name is President Gregory G and I am the Commander-in-Chief of the Hostile Heroes. We are a small and growing alliance in search of fellow nations that will join us on our journey to become the best. The best at what? That is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure, we will fire our way to the top and take on anyone in our path. Scared, we are not.

My fellow alliance member is Hyde The Great, ruler of Mainstays. He is also the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff for Hostile Heroes. Mainstays is a larger country then Crosa. Hyde The Great joins us with great honor and pours his heart and soul not only into Mainstays, but Hostile Heroes as well. I can defend his name, and I owe him my life. Recently Crosa was at war with another nation and Hyde The Great had my back, sending me troops and aid, helping me to fight to a stand still, which ultimately ended in a peace treaty. If not for Hyde The Great I would have lost everything my great nation of Crosa has worked for.

At this time we have at least one other nation interested in joining us. This is not good enough though, we need many more. I would like to see Hostile Heroes 100+ strong one day. I would like to see us bringing in large sums of money and helping our fellow nations out in their troubled times and war. I want you and your nation to join us.

Our mission statement is simple. War... We don't love war so to speak, but we know it is needed in order to become a long lasting nation. We will not hesitate to fight a war, therefore, we would like our members to take part in at least one war a month. During your war time, other alliance members will aid you to victory, or perhaps engage in war with the very same nation in order to drown them in their own blood.

With all this being said, I leave you all with the option to join. I can not give money. I won't put tasks in front of you. I just ask for your hand in war. Be my brother, fight by my side, stand up for our cause. Take money from dying nations, take their land, take their soldiers. We will have your back. This is not a power trip, this is life or death. We want to help you survive, make money, grow into a super power! I will remember those who join in the beginning. When Crosa is large enough and bringing in enough money gifts will be given. Bonuses will be tossed around. Promotions will come fast.

Join Us!


President Gregory G

Our forum is http://www.hostileheroes.forumarena.com , it is spelled wrong, I know. Join the black team and enter Hostile Heroes as your alliance to become an official member as well as fallowing the simple instructions on our forum. Money will be given to members once we have money to give.

Our Flag


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This is a new message from you Commander-in-Chief


Even though we are not an American based alliance, Hostile Heroes is honoring America's Independence and appointing everyone who joins Hostile Heroes on July 3rd and 4th to the rank of Captain. As a Captain in Hostile Heroes you will be expected to help lead the enlisted corps and train new comers of Hostile Heroes. Basically, show them the ropes of war. Although the rank of Captain is a position usually filled in time, it is still an honor to hold. Join us within these next two days and receive this promotion!


I am also seeking a ruler who would make a good Secretary of Defense. The selected ruler will receive a promotion to Colonel and will be expected to watch over Hostile Heroes and what wars are taking place in our Alliance. They will watch all wars taking place and determine if the Hostile Heroes nation needs aid or will be able to pull off victory without. They will also be in charge of helping direct nations with questions on war. This is a very high position in the alliance and should be taken seriously. We expect to win all wars and do not want to lose, at least not easily. The Secretary of Defense will also be responsible for ordering enlisted members to take part in war with nations that are against us.

Apply via PM on this forum or ours if you are interested in the Secretary of Defense position.

Click the link bellow to view our rank structure...


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Nice flag.

Thanks, don't think we will be using it anymore though... Going to make a flag with our new seal...


Our forum is new now also, I guess some people were having trouble getting on the old one... Here is the new link


ALSO, I am looking for an experienced person that wants to fill the roll of Sergeant Major of Hostile Heroes! You will be in charge of directing all new members of the alliance, that are new to the game, in how to play, what to do, recommendations, etc... Basically this is the highest position of the enlisted corps.


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Looking for people who want to help out with leadership positions we still have open...

Looking for recruiters and diplomats...

Looking for basic members as well...

Everyone that joins will be put on a list, that list will have a payoff amount. I, as the Commander-In-Chief of Hostile Heroes, will pay everyone their deserved amounts over time.

Looking for people willing to come in with a promised amount of $100,000. I will pay each person over time. Sometimes not all at once but there will be a thread in the "International Bank of Collections" keeping tabs on who is owed what.

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