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I am looking for any blue alliance or alliance that will allow me to stay blue. If you could just post here with a link and a brief description. But first i have been in two alliances and am currentaly in one (which isnt active enough and i am looking to leave) i was in NpO but it was to big for me and then i was in The Revolution but it was to inactive also i am currentally in HALO. I had no position in NpO and i helped out with recruitment and foriegn ministries in both Halo and The Revolution. I am loking to grow within the alliance i am very, very active i am on every day. I am also looking for a foriegn ministry job.

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We're only about 37 members, but several of us are quite active. We're always looking for active people and I'm sure that you could get hooked into government if you want to. We have an IRC channel at #cn-1tf that 5-6 of us regularly use as well.

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Join NOS. We are a multi-colored alliance and you can be whatever color you want to be. We currently have the Lord of Foreign Affairs position tooken but you can be the Deputy Lord of Foreign Affairs just as easy and help out then maybe next elections you might become our Foreign Affairs Lord. We currently have 11 members but all are members get on aleast once a day. Also, our members average at least 20 post a day on our forums. Check us out and I can diffently give you that Deputy Lord of Foreign Affairs job. We would love to have you.

Join here- http://z4.invisionfree.com/NOS_CN

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