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kiloTech auction

Kippa Tarxien

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The recent growth in membership of The Democratic Order created a wealth of tech sellers, which allows us to offer alliance deals in the KiloTech range. We would do 3 slot deals and are considering 10,000 levels of tech, 20 sellers/buyers for 5 cycles (or 25 for 4 cycles). 3M/100T would be paid by the buyers, anything above that would be paid by the interested alliance to nations we select.

As neutral alliance, we will only deal with alliances/nations not at war.

This post is to be seen as an auction where the seller (T.D.O.) has the right to refuse the deal. Interested alliances PM me in game, giving the number of buyers, number of cycles and total price offered (Min 2500T). Don't offer 3M/100T or lower, it would not be funny.

Kippa Tarxien

Minister of Recruitment

Head of Tech department


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