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Novus Ordo Selcorum

look look! A new Alliance!

Novus Ordo Seclorum, we are new but highly developed alliance along the multi-colored sphere ! All diplomats and members are welcome.

Members are welcome to join and diplomats are welcome to request an embassy; so come on down! So, join today!

NOS Charter:

Article I

Section I

There will be a Emperor, who will contain the final say

on every decision and act; a Prince, who will be the head advisor and

second in command to the Emperor; There will be a Lord of Internal

Affairs, Foreign Affairs, War, Finance, and Recruitment who will have

the ability to regulate their department, and whatever other powers

are granted to them by the Emperor.

Section II

There will be a court, with powers supreme to all but

the Emperor. The court will assist of 4 members elected by the

members, and one appointed by the government. They will determine the

punishment for high crimes and treason, and review any act passed

that they feel violates our laws and rights. Anylaw that they vote

with a 3/5th majority will be reviewed by the Emperor. Unanimous

decisions will be passed with no review by the Emperor.

Article II

Section I

The Lord of War has the ability to declare war on any

single nation outside of an alliance, that is unaligned. While war on

another alliance may be declared by the Emperor, or the Lord of War

with the ok of 3 other Lords and a 4/5th agreement from the Court.

Section II

All nations attacking another nation will ask for

clearence from the Lord of War, or the Emperor. To attack a nation

they must be unaligned and inactive for 5 days, unless we are in war.

If we are in war, then any nation or alliance that war is declared

among may be openly attacked, as directed by your Sgt.

Section III

Agreements with other entities will be approved by the

Lord of Foreign Affairs and the Emperor. Treaties will be presented

and negotiated through Diplomats of either entity.

Section IV

Nukes will be allowed, and will only be used with a unanimous decision by the court, or a 4/5th vote and a favor by the Emporer

Article III

Section I

To ammend this charter the Emperor may change it at will

or the Prince, 3/5th the Lords and 4/5th of the court must agree to

ammend it. Ammendments maybe proposed by anyone to any of the


Section II

New members will be admited by the Lord of Recruitment,

Lord of Internal Affairs, the Prince, or the Emperor. New members

must be currently in peace, and not have bad relations with other

alliances. New members will receive $500,000 in aid to their alliance

7-14 days after they join

Visit our forums here- http://z4.invisionfree.com/NOS_CN/index.php?act=idx

Visit us on IRC also on- Coldfront #nos

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