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Network of Protected Nations needs a Protectorate

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I'm The Arbiter and I'm currently a Grand Commissar of the alliance Socialistic Empire. However, I would like to leave that alliance and start my own. Before I leave and start my new alliance, the Network of Protected Nations, I want to be sure that me and my members will be protected. We are a purple team alliance. I created the alliance today, and have posted an official resignation on the Socialistic Empire forums. I am looking for a few big protectorates to protect us.

Thank you, The Arbiter

Our forums are located here: http://z4.invisionfree.com/Network_of_Powe...dex.php?act=idx

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My pleasure. The Legion stands tall with her many allies, including the Sparta, NPO, Valhalla, MASH, IRON, and much more.

We're currently ranked 34th, but I assure you, we are a proud, and honored Alliance, for we are ANCIENT in CN terms, and we were neck to neck with NPO once. We will gladly call those that shed blood with us brothers.


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