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I was just wondering that with the tweaking of some resources and the introduction of Mining Industry Consortium, National Environment Office and Nuclear Power Plant if there was a supersede to the Construction set?

I ask because, with Gold, I could find it far easier to get into a stable trade set incorporating some of these resources. Obviously a massive investment and time is put into the wonders, but surely it could be worth it, or does it all still come down to construction if you're going to be buying infra?

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Construction is a great trade bonus, but not the magic bullet it's proclaimed to be.

It gives deep discounts on Infra. But without the discounts there is another way. Higher income.

Some of the Affluent Population derivatives really make serious bank. Sure, the infra costs more, but you make more to cover the spread.

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Pssshht. If you have the resources for it:

Option #1 (low infra) - Iron, Fish, Wheat, Cattle, Pigs, Sugar, Coal, Silver, Gold, Gems, Wine, Furs


Option #2 (high infra) - Iron, Lumber, Fish, Wheat, Cattle, Sugar, Coal, Silver, Gold, Gems, Wine Furs

for collecting and paying your bills

Temp Alu, Marble, Lumber, Rubber for Option 1, or just Alu, Marble, Rubber for option 2 for max infra discount to buy infra.

That's the way to pwn at trades. :awesome:

Oh well, at least with my Alu+Rubber I get cheap airplanes.. :jihad: :-p

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