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Off-site Tech Deal "Form"


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Hi - thanks for your time.

Couldn't quite find this in the rules anywhere - just wondering about the CN legality of internet forms. I know that they're illegal for recruiting purposes and such. I run a tech deal marketplace for nations of any alliance on an invisionfree forum. Right now, nations apply by filling out a little form for me with their nation name, link, tech amount, etc - the usual. However, we were thinking of creating an online form to make this easier to coordinate. It would be the usual html code, and once submitted by applicants, would then be emailed to us coordinators or otherwise made available somewhere (we're still working on the code). It would NOT automatically write messages to anyone or do anything in-game - it would just make things easier to organize and process logistically for the tech coordinators. Here's an example. Is this good to go? Just making sure. Thanks!


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