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Formal Recruition Tread of Cimmeria.

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Charter of Cimmeria

Article I: Membership

The collection of nations that call Cimmeria home have have come together with mutual views on unity, order and the vision for greatness. We are a close community that takes pride in our beliefs, that we are only as strong as our weakest member, this means that we help your nation grow and will guide you through your existence on planet bob.

Please have a look at our forum here or find us on the Coldfront IRC on #Cimmeria

Article II: Membership

Nations of any NS are encouraged to join Cimmeria, but there are a few regulations you must abide by first.

- You must be in no wars or tech raids when you are applying for membership, this may endanger other members in our alliance.

- You must not be in, or applying for membership in another alliance.

- You cannot be considered as a rouge or be on an ZI list.

- You must not resign from Cimmeria within 20 days of receiving aid from us.

To sign up please go to our forum and sign up there.

Article III: Government

Emperor - Over seas running of alliance.

Vice Emperor - This person is chosen by the Emperor and he can stay as long as he wants under the President.

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) – Will be responsible for overlooking Cimmeria's affairs with other Planet Bob alliances.

Minister of Internal Affairs (MoIA) - Will be responsible for overlooking Cimmeria's internal affairs, which includes trade circles, general management and administrative needs.

Minister of Defense (MoD) – Will be responsible for overseeing the running of our alliances army, which includes managing war affairs, attack requests and being responsible for inside aid theft.

Minister of Recruitment (MoR) - Will be responsible for recruiting/ organising a team of recruiters to sign up nations.

Minister of Economics (MoE) - Will be responsible for all money circulared arround Cimmeria.

Article III: Armed Forces

Our Military

If your nation gets attacked/tech raided from an unaligned nation (must have no alliance), feel free to take things into your own matter, unless you have been given orders against an attack.

If you wish for help, please post in the ALERT forum or PM the Minister of Defense. If you are attacked by a nation with an alliance you will need to contact the Minister of Defense as soon as possible, and wait for further orders. If you can, try and resolve the dispute by offering peace and messaging the attacking nation. If not resolution has come by you messaging the nation, the Mister of Defense may order more nations to help.


We allow tech raiding, this must first be authorized by MoD, he will either give you permission or deny your proposal.

Nuclear War

Our members are allowed to develop such items as nuclear weapons, but they must stick to the following rules. You are to use your weapon only on an attacking nation, only if you have consent from the Minister of Defense.

Article III: Policies

Foreign Policy

Cimmeria, and all Cimmerians are peaceful. We are looking at making positive relations with other alliances.

If war is the break out, you must go on the forum an await for orders on what to do (This is why being active is a must in this alliance).


All nations who join solemnly swear to abide these rules, which are outlined above. We are looking for active members, which means you should try go on our forums as much as possible.

Thanks a lot.

Rebel Republic

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