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Divine Potestas


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Alliances offer many great benefits to new nations. The first is military protection and determent. Next is economic aid and advice on where you can improve or help on what you should do. Lastly, alliances provide a social network that enriches and enhances the game.

Divinus Potestas is a growing Alliance with a small core of veterans that know the game mechanics very well. We place our values on respect and self autonomy. To help you get started Financial Aid of up to 200,000 is available for starting nations, if you are interested in joining please PM me in cybernations nation name: Cowistan

Or Alternatively visit : http://tu13es.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14 An ingame PM guaruntees a quick response, rather than simply joining the forum.

We are a very small but generous alliance. If you are interested in getting stuck in feet first we are the people to visit with a real opportunity of effecting and paving the way as part of a team. Far more interesting than being fodder for a big alliance.

That and the best advice for nation growth and optomisation.

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