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Looking for an alliance

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As of right now im in Element but i will be leaving. so i am looking for a new alliance that can make my nation the best it can be. i was the Mor and Mofa in Element for over a month,,, here is my nation link http://cybernations.net/nation_drill_displ...ation_ID=190495, i have 15.5 k ns and 3999 infra if u think i can make your alliance better pm me or reply to this thanks again slimd316

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Slim.... there's a place for you in Camelot if you're interested. :)

Our MoFA position is open. We have a really good MOIA (MoR, sorta), but you could help out with recruitment too if you wanted. Lots of positions open, and I know you are good with FA. :-)


#camelot on Coldfront

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Hey, I'd like to personally invite you my alliance, the Atlantic Empire! We're a fast growing alliance with just upwards of 100 people with 1.7Mil NS. We're currently situated on the blue team. You'd be a great addition to our alliance!

If you're interested in the Atlantic Empire, you can find us on our boards here:



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