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Land area miscalc


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5,539.551 mile diameter.

4,295.556 in purchases, 644.333 in modifiers, 599.661 in growth

4,295.556 + 599.661 = 4895.217 *1.15 = 5629.499

Unless i'm wrong on the way coal applies it's land bonus, i'm missing about 90 land

One more thing, i think my grown land is a bit off too, i'm 399 days old with furs, so that should be like 600-1.5 = 598.5 if i'm not mistaking :)

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You are correct in your math, but the game has a different formula. Its purchases*(1+modifiers)+growth. I probably have it a bit wrong, but the key thing you did that the game does differently; you added growth first, then did modifiers last. The game takes purchases and does modifiers, THEN +growth.

Edit: I'm for this new formula though :)

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Wow, you're right actually (though i understood it differently at first). The natural growth land receives no bonus by modifiers, only the base one.

Is this correct? Because i think grown land should alos receive the bonus from modifiers.

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