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a bug


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Yeah, i think there is a bug going on around the Cybernations, or a virus. At first i thought it was a spy attack, but i received no private message as described. I went from 16.08 population to 15.64. Definately not cool and should be fixed asap.

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Dude, they implemented a (Insert derogatory word) update which affected EVERYONE

I personally lost 900 workers and approximately 38K in Taxes, which is nothing compared to those who lost 6000+ citizens and millions in taxation

Not only that, but after the update, it seemed to screw many things up as well

For example, right now... I just spent about a million into my Infra, only to see my avg. individual tax paid per day go DOWN, not up... LOL?

But, its fine... Remember, running a game isn't as easy as we think it is... Its best to be patient and understanding (Which is fine... As long as they fix my god for saking nation :P

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