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Whats happening to my population

dave the great

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Right so I logged on today and everything seemed normal. I collected taxes but then I noticed that I collected about 200k than I did yesterday. Nothing else has changed except that my population has gone done by about 500 citizens or so. The infrastructure level hasn't changed which means that my bills are still the same amount as they were before, but now I don;t make enough to cover them so I'm losing about 100k everyday now as were I would have made 12-k each day before hand. I mean what is happening? I wasn't at war with anyone and there is no spy ops that decrease your pop. Is this a bug or something? This happened to me before a while back were I lost about 1000 pop with the same conditions. Please tell me why this is happening to me?

Ruler name: Dave the Great

:Nation name: davetonia

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