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United Socialist Nations

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This is the leader of the United Socialist Nations. We are a somewhat new alliance and we are looking for members. We will give you aid when needed and everyone in this alliance always looks out for each other. All you have to do is send me or DSKyle a massage saying you are interested. If you join now you will have a large say in government because we are so new, you will be given a high government position.

USN Leader,


PS:(It would help if your government is Communist, but it is not required.)

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i think that you guys should just join SE instead of making a whole new alliance. it'd be much easier. i wish you the best on luck in setting up your new alliance

you should at least stop by our forums and set up an embassy or talk to one of our government officials, we're always looking to help out our comrades. heres the link:


ps- next time you might want to include your alliance's forum link so people can check it out

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