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Green Trade Ring - 8 Bonus Resources

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Hello good people of Planet Bob,

Since us BLUE folk in the Viridian Entente can now switch to GREEN, I'm starting up a trade ring in the Green sphere, and so far I have 4 traders including myself, and I'm looking for 2 more to join us.

So far, these are the resources and the people supplying them:

Current Team Color: GREEN

Bonus Resources: Asphalt, Automobiles, Construction, Fine Jewelry, Microchips, Radiation Cleanup, Scholars, Steel


Aluminum: - FREE

Coal: - Taken

Gems: - Taken

Gold: - FREE

Iron: - FREE

Lead: - Taken

Lumber: - Taken

Marble: - FREE

Oil: - Taken

Rubber: - Taken

Silver: - Taken

Uranium: - Taken

Portfolio Upside: Infrastructure, Military, Tech Cost

Portfolio Downside: Population

Bonus Totals

Daily Income $12.50+

Infra Cost -42.0%

Infra Upkeep -23.0%

Population 0.0%

Land Cost -10.0%

Land Area 35.0%

Land Sale $300.00

Land Growth, Natural 0.0%

Tech Cost -13.0%

Happiness 12.5

Environment 10.0%

Soldier Efficiency 38.0%

Soldier Cost -$6.00

Soldier Upkeep -$0.50

Tank Cost -13.0%

Tank Upkeep -13.0%

Aircraft Limit 10.0

Aircraft Cost -16.0%

Aircraft Upkeep Cost -20.0%

Cruise Missile Initial Cost -20.0%

Cruise Missile Upkeep Cost -20.0%

Nuke Upkeep Cost -20.0%

Nuke Upkeep Cost -20.0%

Increase Citizens per mile before unhappiness 50.0

Days nuclear anarchy -1.0

Global Radiation Effect -50.0%

Ability to Raise Taxes 0.0%

Improvement & Wonder Upkeep 0.0%

If you're interested, please reply to this thread with your ruler name and your resources.

This has been posted on the Viridian Entente and Argonaut forums as well, and it's frst-in-first-served.

DO NOT change trade partners until told to do so!

Thanks for your interest

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I've got iron and aluminum, but I think someone with gold and marble might be tough to find. I'm looking for an 8 resource trade agreement. Let me know if you are still in need. My country is Crackyourtoa and I'm SPINEDOC, green team. Here is a link.http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=245069

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Sorry man, but I got another deal already. Finding someone with those last two resources was going to real tough anyway. I went through quite a few country's and couldn't find anyone with that combo. Good luck you. Spinedoc.

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