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I've heard that, if you have no standing army and receive a defeat alert, you will not be able to get out of anarchy. How does this work? Let's say I will be able to change my government type from anarchy to something else on the 18th. Suddendly, I receive a defeat alert today. Will the date at which I can change my government type move to the 19th? And will it keep getting moved if I receive a defeat alert every day?

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IT just resets the clock. IF you were anarchied yesterday and received a defeat alert today it'd be the 18th before you can change your gov't.

All right, thanks for the info.


I have another question. Let's say my anarchy ends on the 18th and I have never received a defeat alert. Would I be able to change my government type to something normal after my soldier count drops to well below 20% of my citizen count on the 18th (Still without receiving a defeat alert)? Or would the clock also reset in this situation?

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If the attacks to well below 20% then you are SOL.

If I remember correctly, after the clock expires, even if you don't have the troops you still change your gov't. Though you'd probably want to buy the troops anyway, as you don't want to be reanarchied.

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