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We, the members of the Blue Tundra Revolution, come together in a spirit of Revolution to draft this Charter of our alliance. Through this living document we establish a brotherhood through with we will be able to defend ourselves and rise up to conquer the organizations and methods of tyranny and oppression.

Article I: Admission & Membership

Section 1: Admission

To gain admission into the Blue Tundra Revolution, each nation must state the following in an application on the Blue Tundra Revolution’s off-site forum.

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

National Strength:

Link to Nation:

Cybernations Forum Name:

Past Alliances:

Section 2: Membership

A: Membership shall be granted to applying nations as soon as time allows. Given that the said member is not involved in any wars, and meets all other requirements. Once membership is granted, new nations are required to report in their respected military Division.

B: Member nations are highly advised to join Purple team.

C: Membership in other alliances is not allowed by any means.

D: All Blue Tundra Revolution members agree to be bound by this Charter. Any member found in violation of any of these clauses may be subject to disciplinary actions set forth by the order of the Triumvirate. Punishment is final and cannot be appealed by any body both state and federal.

Article II: The Departments & Alliance Officials

Section 1: Triumvirates

B.T.R. will consist of 3 Triumvirates; each will up hold a certain internal job. In the matter of Foreign affairs, the Triumvirates will all work together as one. In order for anything to be passed, the Triumvirates must pass anything with a complete vote. Anything less than a completely agreed upon vote is unacceptable and runs the risk of interalliance fighting.

Article III: Hierarchy

Section 1: Triumvirates

The Triumvirates are the highest of all authoritative members. All orders given below this rank, if conflicting with an order given by this rank, are considered void.

Section 2: Officers

The Officers of the Blue Tundra Revolution are chosen specifically by the Triumvirate members. Their jobs are to relay orders from the Government, act as Diplomats to foreign Alliances, Command Fire Teams in times of war, and to assist the governmental staff at all times.

A: Chain of Command

Triumvirates (All members have equal rank)

Political and Foreign Affairs Triumvirate

Economic and Foreign Affairs Triumvirate

Military and Foreign Affairs Triumvirate

Officer Ranks

The ranks of the Officers vary from section to section. The officers in the Political and Economic Sectors are listed as General, Colonel, 1st Lieutenant, and 2nd Lieutenant. However, the Officers which are assigned to the military sector are given the ranks of Admiral, Captain, Lieutenant Commander, and Ensign. The ranks above are equivalent to each other as so.

General-Admiral 17px-US-O7_insignia_svg.png

Colonel-Captain 25px-US-O6_insignia_svg.png

1st Lt.-LCDR 15px-US-O4_insignia_svg.png

2nd Lt.-Ensign 17px-US-O3_insignia_svg.png

Section 3: Non Commissioned Officers/Warrant Officers

Members who are appointed to be Knights are the third on the Chain of Command Roster. These are people who have proven themselves enough to lead, though either they or their commanders do not believe them to be fit to command a Division or such. The rankings of these are the following with Economic Officers on the left and Military Officer on the Right.

Ministry Worker-Warrant Officer 1st Class

Ministry Engineer-Warrant Officer 2nd Class

Ministry Financer-Warrant Officer 3rd Class

Section 4: Enlisted Members

The bulk of the alliance will consist of enlisted personnel who will be tasked with most of the simple but necessary work of the alliance. Their respected jobs will be given to them as they arrive. The enlisted chain of command is as follows.

Sergeant Major


Lance Corporal


Section 5: Members

All members will be given a title. This title lets both yourself and everyone else know your position in the alliance. It is your nametag of sorts.

Article IV: War/ Peace

Section 1: War

A: The Blue Tundra Revolution endorses peace between its members and other nations of the world. The Blue Tundra Revolution has a very strict tech raiding policy. Tech raiding is completely prohibited. Any and all tech-raiding will be stopped, and the aggressor will be punished by being demoted. However, a second chance will be given. If a member is caught Tech-Raiding AGAIN, then further action will be taken and the member will be ousted from the alliance.


B: Should a member nation be the victim of an attack, they are to report the attack in their respected Division, and await instructions from Division Command.

C: Should the Blue Tundra Revolution become engaged in combat with another alliance or multiple alliances, all members are to immediately and without hesitation proceed to Defense Condition Level 1 and mobilize their armed forces. All members will report to their Division Command and receive instructions their. An announcement will be made by the Chief of the Armed Forces soon after the war has started.

Article V: Foreign Aid

The Blue Tundra Revolution offers aid to member nations in the following categories “War aid, Economic aid, Nation Buildingâ€. Other aid requests must be made to the bank of the Blue Tundra Revolution. Such requests will be classified as loans, and will require paying back. In the event of a nation refusing to pay back the loaner nation, actions will be taken to see that justice is served.

Article VI: Procedure for Amending the Blue Tundra Revolution Charter

Section 1: Amending Process

Any and all amendments to the Blue Tundra Revolution’s Charter will be overseen by the Government. The process for which amendments are served is strictly classified. Any changes to the constitution will be addressed in an announcement by the Chief of the Political Cabinet.


Sniper Wolf, Chief of the Political Cabinet

Young Ceaser, Chief Economist

Nikanor, Commander of the Wermacht

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