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Lookng for an alliance


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Hi, my name is Kraig82. I'm looking for an alliance. Click on this for a link to my nation ---->Kraigville

My nation's name is Kraigville. I'm looking for an alliance that will give an aid of money for infra,tech,etc. I'll welcome any alliance. Please respond.

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Or, you could join the North American Hockey Alliance. We have competitive startup aid for new nations, plus whatever assistance you will need along the way to grow. More aid opportunities commensurate with activity/commitment.


You don't have to like hockey to join, but that's always a bonus.

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I would like to recommend you consider LAN (League of Aqua Nations)

we are growing alliance with mostly small nations. we offer aid just for joining and give you opportunities such as tech deals to earn so much more all the time.

Please consider us: http://s1.zetaboards.com/LAN/index/

You can PM me with any questions

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