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Exactly what are the rules for being deleted for inactivity? My friend just got her account deleted when her nation reached 20 days inactivity today. I should know because I made someone send aid to her before update on her 19th day of inactivity, she accepted the aid, and then when update came around, she got deleted. I thought you were deleted only when update on the 20th day came around? Or do you just get deleted on your 20th day on inactivity? If it's the latter, then why didn't my other friend get deleted, who had the same time schedule as my first friend? The nation in question is castleville, but it doesn't matter because her nation doesn't exist anymore, and I'm assuming that the admins couldn't care less to restore her nation if it indeed was a glitch. I'm just sad that after almost a year, her nation would get deleted over this...

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You are deleted some time on the 20th day of inactivity. Note the some time. At some point everyday, admin runs a script which searches for nations 20 days inactive and deletes them. This could occur at 12:01am or 11:59pm or anytime in between. It all depends on when admin runs the script. It's not run at the same time everyday, so if you want to go to the 20th day for whatever reason not collecting, you put your nation at risk. It's why some nations can survive to a certain time okay and others are deleted well before that time. The best advise is not to go 20 days without collecting.

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