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Open to alliance offers

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An experienced player wishes to join an alliance. I have experience of being in command of alliances, and planning militray operations, being diplomatic ect. In fact the only areas i am not good in is recruitment and iternal affairs. I am loyal to alliances that I like, and i am loyal to fair and just leaders. The only reason that i leave alliances is either it is disbanded, or I leave in protest to an unfair dismissal of anouther member. I do not wish for start up aid 'joining' packages.

Please post the alliance you represent, along with a reason for me joining, and the forum link so we can discuss further. Thank you

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Hi Doctorrodders!!! I'm Abanoub , join the United Purple Nations, a growing Cybernations Alliance. Visit our online forum for advice, IRC chat, new friends & defense against your enemies.


$3,000,000 in aid!

Big $3,000,000 Lottery Every 2 weeks!

Constant Tech Deals with other alliances!

JOIN US AT: http://z9.invisionfree.com/UPNagoge/index.php? and put UPN Academy into your Alliance Affiliation! Thanks, Abanoub

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Hi. We are the United Alliance, a very new alliance and small alliance. You have the chance to really show your worth, and make us a strong and powerful alliance. Then all across CyberNations people will say, yeah, Doctorrodders, he made that alliance what it is today.

If you join, I will appoint you as the Supreme Commander of the UA military. Your job will be to command the forces of all nations in our alliance in the event of war, strategies and manage some foreign affairs.

You will be someone our members can look up to, someone to model themselves off.

If you would like to join, sign up on the forums: http://z9.invisionfree.com/UnitedAlliance/index.php?


Jack the great (UA Leader)

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How about The Order of Halsa?

We're nearly one year old, we aid when you want it, we look after our members. We also have lots and lots of mudkips to party with. That is all.


Also, we have an old friend of yours in our alliance, remember Seiler Farm, he was in AAA with you back in the day.

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Hi how about's the International Security and Commerce Organisation. We're democratic and have an uber long charter so you know were srs bzns. We've been around for about 17~ months, and have around 30 members and are always looking for possible government people. We're a multi colored alliance yett still offer trades, we do loads of tech deals and offer protection and aid when needed. We have a friendly forum atmosphere, any way if you have any specific questions feel free to PM me or you can go to our forums - z3.invisonfree.com/ISCO/

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Hey Doctor Rodders

I wish to invite you to join M. Carter Brown.

We originate from the paintball forums of M. Carter Brown, where our name comes from, but we have also plenty non paintballers like me.

We are an Orange team alliance, allthough you can stay on your own colour if you prefer.

I dont really know what you look for your alliance, so ill sum a few things up.

We can help you with getting in a trade circle if you want to change colour to Orange, we are in urgent need of a master diplomat so you might want to help us in this position, looking for IRC users, have some oftopic fun as wel as some ontopic discussions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them,

ProdigyNL, Minister of Foreign Affairs of MCB


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cheers for all these offers guys, but as you can see from my sig and profile, I am going for The Revolution. It is a middle sized alliance, and I feel that my skills will be utilized there for the best, although if it does ever disband then I will remember these alliances ;)

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The Democratic Republic of Argolis is a new,blue team alliance.We are always looking for new citizens,and experienced citizens to help make our alliance grow and prosper.Yes,we are spankign new,but we welcome anyone who is willing to come and help us become a great alliance community.

If you have any questions,or just want to come check us out,visit our forums at:

Argolis Forums

Have a great day!

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