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Seeking 100 Tech for 3 million

Duncan King

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I need to purchase 100 tech for 3 million in a 3 slot deal to fix a tech deal gone bad.

I'm the Secretary of State of my alliance, so of course I'm reliable. ;)

I am ready to go now (the tech is not for me).

First to respond with the requisite slots gets it.

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Actually, I have 2 slots open. If you are sending the tech to someone other than yourself, then I will only need one of my middlemen who already has 50 tech to spare. Could get it done late today if you will confirm.

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Am I sending the tech to you or another person? I ask because it would be easier if I sent it to another person so I could use my 2 open slots and use your money to buy the tech. I will do it either way, though. You can send the funds to Titan1979 and my nation is Dogtown for your confirmation. If it is to go to someone else, let me know the name and I will get it done ASAP. CollectionPartner, my partner in crime, can send the other tech out later today or tonite. Thanks!

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