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O RLY is a small green team alliance. We offer 1 mill in starting aid, and most members receive far more in a short period of time. We welcome all to come spam up our forums and apply for an embassy (or better yet, membership).All members are given many freedoms, and we have a loose, relaxed atmosphere.

Forums are here and our IRC is #ORLY @ irc.coldfront.net


We, O RLY, pledge ourselves to ensuring the liberty, rights, and prosperity of our sovereign nations. This includes the support of all of our members in aid, war, and any situations that may cause harm to a member.

Article I: Membership

A) Admission

-You must pledge both yourself and your nation to the allegiance of O RLY.

-You must not be part of another alliance

-You must acknowledge and abide by the rules set forth by this charter

-You must post the proper application on O RLY forums

B ) Recruitment

All new members accepted into O RLY are required to go through a series of tests to test whether or not a member is worthy to join the general body. Special cases may be exempt. New members will have three days to be prepared for the test. The member will then be tested by the Minister of Education and will be admitted accordingly as a full member.

C) Representation

Members are expected to represent O RLY in a positive fashion, which includes no spamming, no threatening other nations, or simply shedding a negative light upon our alliance. This may result in punishment (including expulsion from the alliance).

D) General

As a member of O RLY, you must not knowingly harm either the alliance or its members; a purposeful offense is considered an act of treason and will be dealt as such. All members, including Viceroys, Ministers, and members, are recognized as subjects of the O RLY Alliance and none are above the charter.

E) Resignation

You may leave O RLY at any time. However, you may not join another alliance while in O RLY. You may not entice others to join another alliance or make plans to recruit members from O RLY while joining another alliance. You are also not permitted to make slanderous remarks about the alliance in your departure.

When resigning, former members must pay back all foreign aid received from any aid programs while being in O RLY. Failure to repay aid upon resigning will result in consequences which may include diplomacy with the said nation's new alliance or attacks and ZI. This only applies to cases in which the aid received is more than the aid sent out.

Article II. Government Structure

A) Viceroys

There are two major leadership positions known as Viceroys. The purpose of Viceroys are to advise, watch, and govern the alliance in all matters. Each Viceroy has equal power in external and internal decisions made by the alliance. No legislation or pacts in or outside of the alliance may be created without Viceroy knowledge and approval. Viceroys may only be impeached if there is a 67% approval rate from Ministers, and a 75% approval vote from the public. However, if 90% of the public rules in favor of impeaching, the Viceroy is automatically removed, regardless of Ministers votes. At least half of the total members must take part in the votes. Viceroys are elected every 75 days.

B ) Department Heads

Ministers shall be elected as the general membership sees fit, based on merit and loyalty. Ministers will be elected following the Viceroys. Viceroys will oversee the peaceful transition of Ministers. Open polls are prevalent in peaceful times but in periods of emergency, Viceroys can appoint and remove Ministers. Ministers may appoint their own deputies and create cabinets to help them with their respective duties. The ministry positions are as follows:

1) Minister of Defense

- In charge of all military affairs

- Managing war efforts

- Defense of members from rogues

- In charge of security threats

2) Minister of Education

- In charge of admitting members from study to full membership

- Oversees the education of members on the knowledge of economics and development

- Duties on expanding O RLY knowledge of cybernation and publishing new data

3) Minister of Recruitment

- In charge of bringing in new members

- Oversees the integration of new members

- Admits new membership into the alliance

4) Minister of Finance

- Responsible for finance related issues

- Leads the bank

- In charge of all monetary matters in "foreign aid"Â

5) Minister of Internal Affairs

- Overseeing the general administration of the alliance

- In charge of the technology market

- Oversees all trades in O RLY

- Promoting commercial and economic interests of O RLY

6) Minister of Foreign Affairs

- Oversees the ambassadors and embassies

- In charge of general foreign relations

- Appoints diplomats

C) Legislation

Any member of O RLY may propose a piece of legislation in O RLY; including charter amendments, internal reform, and foreign treaties. The legislation must be presented to the Viceroys and voted on with a majority vote to be passed. Should the Viceroys emerge in a deadlock, the membership of O RLY decides whether or not it passes. If a Viceroy does not vote on it within three days time, then his vote for that particular bill becomes void.

D) Council of Elders

This council consists of the Ministers, Honorary Ministers, and Viceroys. Though it holds no physical power, it will take an essential role in the government. The Council of Elders will meet at least once a month to review what has taken place during the course of that time and any current events that need to be taken care of. Viceroys will initiate the meeting.

E) Excess Powers

Any corresponding powers not delegated in the charter are placed in the power of the Viceroys and shall/can be dealt accordingly to the membership and the Ministers.

Article III. Military Affairs

A) Nuclear weapons

Any nation of the O RLY Alliance that desires nuclear weapons is encouraged to hold and make nuclear weapons to enhance your nation's strength. However, you may not fire any nuclear weapons without permission. The only time a member is allowed to fire, is if he has been threatened or struck with a nuclear weapon. If there is an incident where a member fires a nuclear weapon without permission, that member will be put on trial by the Viceroys. Possible verdicts are reparations, suspension, expulsion, and attacks.

B ) Warring

As a member of O RLY you are not allowed to war a nation without permission, unless unaligned. If a O RLY member attacks a nation without provocation and permission, that member will be put on trial by the Viceroys. He or she may be kicked out of the alliance and possibly named rogue and attacked by O RLY. In the event that the nation is permitted to stay in the alliance, the ruler must pay reparations to the defending party as due. O RLY will use every possible diplomatic action before reverting to war.

C) Tech Raiding

Tech raiding is allowed in O RLY, though at your own personal risk or gain. You may only tech raid unaligned nations. However, attacking aligned nations will result in consequences that fit the severity of the event. Nations being tech raided by O RLY may appeal by contacting the attacking nation or officials of O RLY.

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Curious to see if many people want to join an alliance with that name. OTOH, O RLY could probably kick my alliance's hiney :unsure:

If the people are wicked sweet, and they have good ideas, they will probably have alot of members :)

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