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  1. MOON is really a great alliance that is growing fast. I hope all of you in need of a great home seriously come check us out.
  2. I love the system only thing i can think of is there has to be a way to unmask spies. Maybe if they fail a message is sent to the person they attempted to spy on stating who sent them. Also THREAT LEVEL SHOULD BE HIDDEN!!!!!!! You shouldnt be able to see anyones threat level unless of course you send in a spy for intel. Having it where you can view there threat level from browsing there nation is bad.
  3. we are still looking for good men and women to help this allaince grow strong JOIN TODAY
  4. Moon Rocks, you guys should seriously check into it. Its a newer allaince which will grow fast. And the leadership really has there stuff together. Well organized. JOIN TODAY!
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