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The Grämlins Buys Tech

Bob Janova

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Most of you probably already know this, but we are always looking to expand our alliance tech buying programme. We buy large amounts (1000 or more) at a time and we would expect your dealers to be capable and able to send the appropriate aid offers on the correct dates, as we try to make the most efficient use of our slots.

Our credentials can be confirmed by any number of alliances who've sold us lots of tech over the months, and if you are a good dealing alliance there will be repeat custom for as long as you want it.

We pay a typical rate of $30m per 1000 tech ($1.5m per 50).

We are also interested in buying donations, on a one off or repeating basis.

If you are a seller of tech or donations and would like to link up with one of the most professional business alliances on the planet, contact me on these forums, come and visit our forums here or poke your nose into #gremlins on Coldfront.

Thanks, Bob: Judicator and head of Grämlins tech buying programme

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