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Black Trade Circle


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I am trying to set up a Black trade circle to get the best bonus resources in the game: Construction, Fast Food, Beer and Steel.

Needed Resources:

sugar: bbybda

wheat: bbybda

pigs: MissJana

cattle: MissJana

aluminum: Blue Lightning

marble: Rifleman

iron: The Beast WK

coal: Blue Lightning



water: The Beast WK

spices: Rifleman

Please post if you have these resources and are on the black team or willing to change to black team.


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we can't, those resources are all mandatory

anyways, I believe I found a man for spice and marble.

The ruler's name is rifleman. I pm'd him, and he pm'd me back asking the bonuses. I replied, and am now waiting for his reply. I directed him to this thread as well.

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I've been looking for a trade circle, but I've got pigs and sugar. Sugar is already covered. If that changes, let me know, I would like in.

By the way - I'm already in black, and cannot change.

I've also directed attention to this circle in my alliance forum, so there may be someone interested.

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