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With an average nation strength that exceeds 26,000 we're one of the most powerful "small" alliances in CN with 40 members. We're always willing to accept new recruits no matter how big or small and you don't have to be an old and powerful nation to join us! :D The majority of the members belong to the maroon team, but that's not a requirement for membership! ;)

There's plenty of the usual benefits for newer players. Sure there's money if you sign up, but more importantly there's the help and assistance you will need to make sure your nation prospers as quickly as possible. ;)

If you're interested in joining one of the older more established alliances out there, you'd be making a good choice if you choose the FFC! :awesome: B)

* New Nation Startup Aid Packages

* Aid Programs to Assist with Infra Jumps

* Coordinated Military Aid Programs to Increase Strength

* Tech Farming Aid Programs

* Nation Growth Guidance Programs by our Experts

FFC Background

FFC is originally a gaming community that has been going strong for over 3+ years. Not only do we enjoy the world of CN, we have also been very active in such games as TF2, BF2, DC, WoW, GuildWars, CoD4, and many more. Along with our gaming community we have a loyal and dedicated base of forum "personalities" that help keep lively discussions going on a day to day basis. We are a mature group of individuals, and we do not tolerate the opposite. Our combined focus has always been on having a great time, building camaraderie, and being filled with epic sexiness.

You can find our forums here: FFC Forums

or feel free to send a personal message to me in game for more details: Emperor Khan B)

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