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Best trade circle

Weiss von Toten

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Me and my alliance members are trying to put together the (arguably) best trade circle in the game.

This circle maximizes population happiness and in turn, population income more so than any other trade circle.

It looks something like this:

aluminum.gif Aluminium - Jesse H

Cattle.gif Cattle - Phil PTBW

Fish.gif Fish - Steven the mad

Gems.gif Gems - armypat8594

Iron.gif Iron - Weiss von Toten

Lumber.gif Lumber - armypat8594

Marble.gif Marble - anelamus

Pigs.gif Pigs - Phil PTBW

Spices.gif Spices - anelamus

Sugar.gif Sugar - Steven the mad

Water.gif Water - Weiss von Toten

Wheat.gif Wheat - Jesse H

Bonus Resources

beer.GIF Beer

Construction.GIF Construction

fastfood.GIF Fast Food

We only need two more people to fill the circle. So if you have Spices and Marble please post in here and we will get you a spot. This is to be a long term trading circle and you must be on the Maroon team to benefit from the happiness bonus.

Please do not cancel any of your current trades even if you want to join this circle. We will get it full first, then let our trade partners know that they will be dumped. If you need a list of possible dumping speeches I can supply one :awesome:

This will likely fill fast so please post your interest here as soon as possible.

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You sent me a message about this, I would be interested in getting involved. I have had a horrible time getting the full 5 partners. Let me know when this kicks off, if you still need fish and sugar.



Now all we need is someone with spices and marble. According to the amazing Norden Verein Reichsbank Guide that combination occurs relatively often. We should not have a problem filling this up.

I have also filled in the names of the others in the circle. Feel free to message them introducing yourself, but I have already informed them on our forum. Do not cancel any of your current trades. Once this has been finalized I will send you a message.

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Holy crap dude. You posted at the same time as me. The great Reichsbank Guide to Economic Superiority is infallible. I'll send you a message in game.

We may have a winner!

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