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The Union

Hello Dave

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The Union

We do not mess and fiddle with what your nation can or cant do, there is no long list of things you must or cant do. There is only one rule. No war. Other than that you may do as you please as a member state of the Union.


The Union is a new and developing alliance which means every member has a say in what happens, unlike in bigger alliances. The Union does not require as much involvement as othere alliances and is perfect for players who wish to belong to an alliance that will protect them from other nations but will not require all manors of involvement. The Union is against war and those who fight in them, and aim to bring prosperity to its member states through economical growth, unaffected by war. The Union was set up and created by leaders of CN nations, who were disappointed by the way they were treated by larger alliances. Sign up today, and see for yourself what The Union can do for you.

Sign up here: http://the-union.weebly.com

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