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The Order of New World Domination


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Order of New World Domination

Article 1:Mission

The Mission of the Order of New World Domination (ONWD) is to provide safety to all members, and form a democratic alliance. To prove a functional, and fair brotherhood of nations of similar interests. And to continually be a power among the CyberNations society. The Order of New World Domination is open to all nation colors.

Article 2: Conditions to Joining

1. May not be a member of any other alliance while in ONWD

2. May not join while an aggressor of a war against an aligned nation.

Article 3: Government

The ONWD government will be divided into 2 houses. The Executive House and the Council House. Using a system of checks and balances, these houses all have equal power.

Article 3a: Executive Branch

Consists of the Overlord, Prime Minister, and Chancellor. Along with the cabinets: Minister of Defence, Minister of Finance, Duke of Recruitment, Director of Foreign Affairs, Director of Internal Affairs. To hold a position in the Executive branch, your nation must be at least 30 days old.

Article 3a .1: Job Description

Overlord- Rules over all, has power to override all vetoes,(except those of the judicial house) and determine the final input.

Prime Minister- Token head of the alliance, makes all the official decisions, and has a tie-break vote in the council. (Most power besides Overlord)

Chancellor- Takes over for Prime Minister in the event that the PM fails to fulfill his duties. Leader of Council, oversees all cabinet actions.

Minister of Defence- Rules in war-time situations. Decides when the alliance is at peace and war.

Minister of Finance- Controls the money in circulation within the alliance. Responsible with providing aid to new nations, and nations at war.

Duke of Recruitment- Responsible for assigning recruiters to expand the alliance.

Director of Foreign Affairs- Assigns ambassadors to other alliances Writes up treaties and declarations of war (under Minister of Defence's direction)

Director of Internal Affairs- Reviews warring nations statistics, and sees that all goes well among members of the ONWD. Also Reviews new members for problems.

Article 3b:Council House

Consists of 5 members. Responsible for all amendments to the charter. Amendments may be made via a majority vote. (3 out of 5) Oversees cabinet operations. Can override any cabinet actions via a 4/5 vote except Minister of Defense when we are attacked. The seats can increase in size with the alliance.

Article 3c: To prevent government inactivity

At a random date once every month, a roll call thread will be posted for all government members to respond too. This is to ensure the effectiveness of the system by making sure government members are active and ready when needed. If they do not respond three days, they may have their position taken away. All that would have to be said is "here" to ensure their position in the government.

Article 4:Terms of Government Positions

The Overlord serves for life. Terms for the Prime Minister, Chancellor, Minister of Finance, Director of Foreign Affairs, and Director of Internal Affairs all serve six month terms. The council members serve three month terms.

Article 4a:In event of Impeachment

In the event that a government official is impeached, an emergency election will be held and the winner of the election will serve until the end of the impeached officials term.

Article 4b:In event of Resignation:

In the event of a resignation, the Overlord will either appoint a member to that position or call for an emergency election.

Article 5:Political Position

Until the growth of this alliance, we will remain neutral. As we grow a position may be taken. Neutrality subject to change.

Article 6:Nuclear Development

The ONWD promotes Nuclear Growth, and supports nuclear weapons.

Article 7:Neutrality Article

The ONWD will remain neutral unless provoked or attacked by an outside force. War with rogues and inactive nations are accepted, and promoted. War with aligned nations without approval is not acceptable and is grounds for immediate expulsion and possibly further action.

Article 8:No Tolerance Article

Those members and outsiders who misbehave, and who's actions prove to be unacceptable will be put to trial before the justice's of the ONWD and if convicted, prompt action will be taken for maximum punishment.

Article 9:Founding Fathers Clause

Those founding fathers of the ONWD will be subject to positions of their choice, and are not subject to a fair electoral process.

Article 10:Rebellion Rights

When the law of the ONWD is proven ineffective, or not just. Those who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to. If a 4/5 vote among all members is applied, the change requested must be made.

Forums: http://onwd.ipbfree.com/

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