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A friend is banned?

Dennis Von Bremen

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This is a post he made on the Noon Forums...

"For some reason I have been banned from Cyber Nations or something. I can get on the site, collect taxes, but then when i try to pay my bills it says I have been banned from Cyber Nations. I haven't done anything to get banned so I have no idea what is wrong brick.gif . It says if I think it is an error then I have to log out then try loging in again. I tried and it still does the same thing. I have tried posting on the forums but I can't post anything. I just created my acount on the forums and when ever I try posting something or reading a post it says I don't have permision. I tried emailing the forum admin but I never get an email back and the problem remains. Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on? And can you please post an apeal in the forums for me to try and get me unbanned?"

please if anyone can tell me what is going on and help him tell me, by the way he is named Lord Dalvok... What is wrong? He is a good person and I cannot believe that he would get banned from Cybernations, so it must be an error...

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