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Lord Windmark

The Legion

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Join The Legion today, the purple spheres premier Alliance. The Legion has been at the forefront of CN politics and drama for the last 12 years and would like to offer you a chance to swear fealty to the Imperator and pledge your nation to The Legion!




  • Agree to our no tech raiding policy
  • Set your Alliance Affiliation to "The Legion"
  • Change to the Purple Team
  • Register an Account on avelegio.net

What are the benefits of joining The Legion? Well we offer Complete protection for your nation against raiders, and rogues. We have a $12M entrance bonus and another $6M if you register for tech deals giving you a total of $18M for just joining The Legion! We also have over $100m in aid programs which you can use in tandem with our Economics staff to build the best nation possible!



For older nations interested in coming to The Legion, it  has a vibrant and active community both on forums and on our own Discord channel(s). Share the end days of CN with an alliance that will stand strong in solidarity, we are a Legion that will March until the end of days. Will you March with us? Join today at:


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The Legion is recruiting regular rank and file Legionnaires. We have added an increase of 20% to the Legio Cohorts in the past 3 months alone, will you fight for Rome?


For membership applications register an account on: avelegio.net and apply today!

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Join The Legion Today

I invite you to join The Legion - A roman themed alliance founded at the birth of Cyber Nations in January 2006. We offer:

12M free start-up money and 6M more if you sign up for a trade circle (economic bonuses) and tech deals (profit). We offer growth programs worth more than 100M.

Protection from raiders and opportunity to take part in organized wars. We don't allow members to wage war alone. When we fight, we fight as an alliance.

We have guides for everything and you will get your own mentor. Your questions will always be answered by experienced members.

Hang out in our forum or Discord channel. Take part in specific topics (games, music, sports, etc.) or the running of the alliance.

To join:
1. Set your alliance affiliation to The Legion
2. Register in our forum: http://www.avelegio.net/forums/register.php
3. Submit application: http://www.avelegio.net/forums/misc.php?do=form&fid=15


We are a very active Alliance and would love to have any one new or old who would like to find a new place to rest their feet. 


Join The Legion Today

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Active and alive, The Legion is a great place for a new player (or returning veteran) to get their feet wet with a supportive community. Our benefits include free entrance aid (read: free money), ongoing tech deals, and a thriving alliance that offers additional opportunities for advancement. Join us today at Avelegio.net

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