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Same network trading


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A friend of mine, just asked a common friend to join CN, in order to complete the TC, just about the same reason why I invited him to join a year or so ago, and not that far from the reason another friend invited me three years ago.


Once she created the nation, he was unable to trade with her because the same network rule, the thing is she isn't in the same network at all, we all live in the Canary Islands, Clark lives in Tenerife, and She lives (like me) in Gran Canaria, a whole island apart.


As I said, I also live in Gran Canaria, and I'm in the same TC that Clark, no problems about same network. I have heard before about download sites that mark people in the same island as the same IP, because some ISP uses transparent proxies to speed things up, but as far as I know that isn't the case here.


Neither of them speak english, so Clark asked me to find out, also, I'm an interested party because I'm part of that TC.


Edit: if she tries to start the trade, instead of him, she gets: "Please do not attempt to cheat".

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Bump this.
Can be fixed?
I’ve checked, and she doesn’t even use the same ISP...

The only thing that I can think of (remotely) that can cause this, is that Clark just copy&paste the info I gave him about how to create his nation, with color and such, editing only her name.
So basically they both create the nation with the same parameters, but I fail to see how that can be flagged as same network..
It isn't like she's dying to play this game TBH, but at least is willing to try, so I guess the options are: fix this and give it a try, or delete and forget about it.


Btw, the system is ok with me, living in the same island, to send her a trade request, but Clark in another island is in the same network...

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