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Selling 50 tech for 3mil


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What's with newbies posting nonsense prices lately? Chopping a couple hundred thousand off your price is not going to do anything to attract buyers. In fact, it might even deter them from buying from you. $200K is not even noticeable to a tech buyer.

You should always send the max in an aid slot (100 tech/$6-9 million), anything less is a wasted 10 days. 

Buyers usually send cash first, so just go with standard rates of $6 million for 100-200 tech.

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Do 100 tech for 6 million. That's the max you can send in an aid slot and since you can only use a slot every ten days, you always want to send as much aid as possible. Like I said, the buyer usually sends cash first, so you'll have enough to buy the extra 30 tech you need and more.

$200K might seem like a lot when you first start playing, but after several rounds of tech deals it's less noticeable. And once you start getting wonders and built to the point that you're making more money in taxes than from tech deals, $200K becomes pennies. 


If you want to grow fast, try using all your aid slots for tech deals 24/7. 


Some more advise:

  • Trade either one of your schools or your bank for a foreign ministry. This will give you another aid slot. The foreign ministry and harbor are the two most important and fundamental improvements in the game.
  • Organize a trade circle with other people who are all trading with each other. Certain resource combinations give you bonus resources. There are a whole lot of different combinations, but a good trade circle will greatly improve your income and you can't really grow past a certain point without one. 

See my nation for an example:


Here is an in game tool for figuring out resource combos:



Finally, if your own alliance offers tech deals or trade circles (a good alliance will), then I would definitely ask them to find you one.

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