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Conglomerate of Hungarian Optimal Dictatorship Erectors

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Hello, this is the Esnar Republic, the General Secretary Nation of the CHODE Party, from the Conglomerate of Hungarian Optimal Dictatorship Erectors (CHODE).


We are a blossoming young brown-team alliance in Cyber Nations that is looking to recruit new members and establish a strong and robust foreign policy, economy, and military complex. 

Our main goal is spreading the ways of the dictatorship, and the benefits that come with it. Our alliance strongly stands by the belief that you are completely independent

and that nobody, not even the higher ups of the alliance, get to tell you how to run your nation.


Link to our forums - http://chodecn.createaforum.com/index.php

Link to our charter, the Charver - http://chodecn.createaforum.com/alliance-information/our-charter-the-charver/


If you wish to know anything about our alliance, please feel free to ask me a question on here or in Cyber Nations. If you wish to join our alliance, please change your alliance affiliation to "CHODE" (pending approval), and fill out an application on our forums. If you are denied, we will remove "CHODE" from your alliance affiliation.

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