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Transcaucasia Founded

Yuri Andropov

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Statement from the Transcaucasia Soviet Socialist Republic




Addressed to the 1st Plenary of the Supreme Soviet of Worker's Deputies,


Comrades! The capitalist vipers of the Caucus mountains, and specifically, the former nation of Georgia, have been rooted out by the collective efforts of the workers and peasants of our great Motherland. For hundreds of years, we have toiled and labored under the oppression of shop keepers, factory managers, industrialists and the banking class. But as the class consciousness grows, so too does the realization that the dream of socialism is becoming a reality. Our communities have already organized, and taken the steps to throw the former leaders of Georgia out of their places of power and prestige. In their place, this congress has been installed, and as it's leader, I vow to continue this revolution to it's end result: communism!




A new nation, Transcaucasia SSR has been created in place of the nation of Georgia. It is a marxist-leninist socialist state, controlled by the communist party of Transcaucasia, and headed by President Yuri Andropov.

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Russia was eager to recognize Transcaucasia and bring an end to the war. To that end Russia's top diplomat in the region relayed a communique signed by the Prime Minister congratulating the new government and pledging to withdraw Russian troops from the country. Within hours all combat troops were demobilized and plans made for their formal withdrawal.

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