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Sending Aid

Richard Hertz

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I have been reading the different posts about possible multi's who are sending tech to nations.  Some of the comments have caused me to ask this question.  Assuming the nations sending tech are not multi's (I don't know if they are or if they are not), there is nothing that prohibits a nation from sending "free tech" is there?  When I played this game years ago, there were nations set-up as tech farms.  They were not multis, but they were nations who chose on their own to send free tech every 10 days.  If I choose on my own to send tech every ten days to fellow WTF nations, is there something wrong with that?  My understanding is that as long as I am not aiding or trading with someone on my network, it's not against the rules.  I understand the point of all the different reports are that the assumption they are multis. 

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