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Massachusetts Presidential and Congressional Elections, 6 ACI

Peter Ilyich

Massachusetts Presidential and Congressional Elections, 6 ACI  

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OOC: Anyone can vote. Voting will end in about 24 hours.

 Welcome to Your Local Voting Station

Boston, Massachusetts

November 21st


Section 1: The Parties

Republican Party: Republicans believe that everyone has the right to the same things: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They believe in States rights and in lowered taxes, as well as believing in keeping foreign influence on the nation to a minimum..


Democratic Party: The Democrats are essentially the opposites of the Republicans. Ideals include more authority in the federal government, higher taxes as well as more tax for the wealthy, and support foreign colonisation. This includes taking away the right to bear arms established by Coolidge.


Harbor Party: People in the Harbor Party, called Harborcrats, believe that the United States of America needs to be reformed to not only what it once was, but to become greater. This also includes the belief that the Commonwealth should be based upon more American ideals, including but not limited to: The flag, seal, motto, beliefs, economics, and constitution. This essentially means they want to recreate the United States through expanding the borders and send the US into full reform. The party was founded a year ago by Malcolm Nichols and other American Enthusiasts.


Section 2: President

As recovered from the Boston Journal 3 days ago, a summary of the candidates:


BOSTON, SUFFOLK- This year is an extremely unique one as it is the year of presidential elections. The elections coming up will largely determine the next 6 years in the Commonwealth. We are about to tell you exactly what you need to know about this years elections and who will receive the title "His Excellency" for the next 6 years, and maybe beyond.


Republican Calvin Coolidge- GOP candidate Calvin Coolidge has been the leader for the last 6 years and is prepared to run for reelection. In these 6 years, Coolidge has expanded the military, created jobs, authorized the right to bear arms, increased standard of living, driven a revolutionary economy, and defeated the worst terrorist group in Massachusetts history. He is the George Washington of the Commonwealth and promises to remain the legend he clearly is.


Democrat Maurice J. Tobin- Maurice J. Tobin has never held a position since the United States. He was a Massachusetts governor and US Secretary of Labor who supported the New Deal and was a liberal. He hopes that he is elected so he may finally put the Democrats into power.


Harbor Candidate Malcolm Nichols- Malcolm Nichols is the leader of the Harbor Party and currently on the cabinet as Department of the Interior. As DI, he has successfully input American values into the Commonwealth, as well as making attempts to change the national flag and has gotten the US represented on the Massachusetts dollar. He is also a great speaker.


This is also a big year as any of the three parties could win majority, and any of the three could fall hard.


Section 3: Legislature

And of these three parties could gain the majority this year, and any can drastically fall. It is important that all three parties have different ideals and positions to keep the ballot clear and your vote quick. Voting for the ideals of yourself and yourself only is required for a fair vote. Below is the parties and what year After Commonwealth Independence(ACI) they had majority in the past.


Republican- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Democrat- 1

Harbor- None


This could be the first year the Harbor Party gains the majority in the legislature, a major turn in events. Place your votes, folks!


Note: Elected politicians will take office January 1st, 7 ACI.

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