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Alliance of Free States (CNRP2)

Peter Ilyich

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[Rebel] Alliance of Free States

There comes a time in the life of a human when he begins to question the very aspects of life itself. It is at this time that this person may question the fellow humans that govern these people. It is at this time that one may discover the need for change, the need for something new. It is now up to this person to put into action this vision that he/she faces. It is at this time that we must have "Force for Change."
Recorded 12/16/20XX
11:56 PM
Disclosed Location.
[Beginning of recording.]
Hopkins: In 4 minutes, the coworkers and friends of the world will join together to form the Alliance of Free States. Our motto shall be Force for Change, our capital will henceforth be known Capital City, and we should be led by a senate of representatives...elected...representatives. It is my greatest [11:57] honor to be appointed as the Defense Representative. It is also my honor to work side-by-side with Chancellor William Biggs. Long live this alliance! [11:58] And finally, I would just like to say that our military leaders are...the best...on this planet and we could not...under any circumstances...be any more fortunate. It is very great to be [11:59] here. cheers!
[End of recording.]
[Load complete.]
[Beginning of interception.]
Dear Chancellor Biggs...
It is only on my greatest honor that I call you my superior. One moment ago, we had signed the document announcing the formation of the Alliance, and I am excited for the days to come. My only request, chancellor, is that once you get back from your trip, that you sign the document as soon as humanely possible, or faster would be appreciated. Without your signature, it will be hard to get basically anything done. If you need an early flight back, I am sure I could arrange a transport to pick you up and bring you to Capital City within the hour. These transports are quick and safe. Please notify me as soon as humanely possible, or faster would be greatly appreciated.
My Appreciation,
[End of interception.]
[Load complete.]
[Beginning transmission.]
Dear Mr. Hopkins,
I am honored to look upon you as not just a worker, yet a friend. I can already see our work being extremely successful. In response to your encouragements, I assure you I will be back to Capital before you even have the opportunity to make an attempt to get anything done, and my signature faster yet. You have to be patient for things to happen faster, my friend. I will not be needing a transport and my trip has been going great, thank you. I look forward to our first meeting.
William Biggs.
[End of transmission.]
[No more available transmissions.]
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[No information found.]
[Computer data wipe history Loading...]
[Last data wipe: Today, 12/17/20XX.]
[Wipe time: 2 minutes ago, 3:48 AM.]
{OOC: I know it's a little weird, but I thought it would be cool to add a little mystery to it. Either way, I worked hard on it, so please send me some feedback through messaging please. First time I really worked hard on a DOE. XD}
{OOC #2: This is going to be my news thread for the Alliance, and I will likely post like this, so be prepared.}

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