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Announcing the Punic League


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"Following extensive negotiations the Empire of Carthage is proud to formally announce the formation of the Punic League, an organization to keep all those belonging to the Punic Sphere together in friendship and cooperation"


Charter of the Punic League


Recognizing the historical links between the members as well as the exclusive need for cooperation to promote prosperity for all members, the Punic League is established as the overarching formation linking the Empire of Carthage and its brothers and sisters in the Punic sphere.


Article I:

For the purpose of this Charter the following expressions shall have the meanings hereunder assigned to them.

  1. ‘Punic Sphere’ shall encompass all those territories that were formerly governed or protected by the Empire of Carthage as well as any future member from outside this sphere to join the Punic League later on.
  2. A ‘member state’, or collectively ‘member states’, shall be those members of the Punic Sphere that have chosen to join the Punic League.
  3. A ‘foreign power’ shall be any state outside of the Punic Sphere that seeks to lay claim on part of this sphere.
  4. The ‘Protector of the Punic League’ is the monarch of Carthage.

Article II:

In line with the inherent relation between member states the member states shall not consider each other foreign. In line with this there shall be no protection at borders and rather than exchanging ambassadors member states will exchange High Commissioners. Every citizen of a member state shall automatically be considered a citizen of the Punic League.


Article III:

In the functioning of the Punic League there shall be several organizations, additional organizations may be formed by the Council of the Punic League. All organizations shall have their headquarters in Carthage.

  1. The Council of the Punic League shall be a permanent institution in charge of the functioning of the Punic League. It shall vote on all matters concerning the league. Every member state(including the Empire of Carthage) shall be allowed to send two members who collectively have a single vote. Member states that are not part of Article V shall not be allowed to vote on matters concerning this article. All votes unless mentioned otherwise shall require unanimity. The Council of the Punic League may modify this treaty or pass additional legislation.
  2. The League Secretariat is the main intergovernmental agency of the Punic League, it shall be tasked with organization of the Council of the Punic League as well as coordination between member states and representation of the Punic League abroad. The secretariat shall be headed by the League Secretary-General. The Secretary General is elected by the Council of the Punic League every five years.
  3. The High Court of the Punic League shall be the principle organization responsible for guaranteeing enforcement of the Charter and any additional legislation the Punic League may pass.

Article IV:

  1. Any member  of the Punic Sphere may automatically become a member of the Punic League with the consent of the Protector of the Punic League. A regular member shall not be deemed part of Article V of this charter.
  2. To become part of Article V of this charter the Council of the Punic League must unanimously vote to admit an applicant to the League.
  3. A nation outside of the Punic Sphere may opt to join the Punic League if the Council of the Punic League unanimously votes to admit the applicant. Upon admission the nation state shall automatically become part of the Punic Sphere.

Article V:

  1. As brothers and sisters under the Protector of the Punic League members shall withhold from the threat or use of any offensive measures against other member states.
  2. Member states shall deem an attack on one to be an attack on all and pledge all available means to combating any incursion into the Punic Sphere.
  3. The Punic League may declare an offensive war against another nation state provided all Article V members approve of such an action.
  4. In case of collective action the Protector of the Punic League shall appoint a military commander to lead the forces of the Punic League against the enemy.
  5. For greater cooperation the member states shall seek to standardize and improve interoperability of equipment, procedures and doctrine between them.
  6. Any attack made against a member state as the result of that member state’s own actions shall not activate section 2 of this article but rather require a vote in line with section 3 to authorize collective action.

Article VI:

  1. In case of a suspected violation of the Charter or any additional legislation the Protector of the Punic League may immediately suspend a member, while suspended a member state shall no longer benefit from any right under the Punic League but shall also not have any obligations to the Punic League. Upon suspension the Protector of the Punic League must immediately summon the Council of the Punic League to discuss further action to be taken and whether or not to expel the member or lift the suspension.
  2. Any member state may introduce a motion to expel another from the Punic League. Upon introduction of the motion the Protector of the Punic League shall judge it on merit and decide whether or not to bring it up to a vote for the Council of the African League. Members that have received a motion against them may not vote on their own expulsion vote.
  3. Any member state, with the exception of the Empire of Carthage, may leave the Punic League in its entirety or just under article V. Departure from the Punic League in its entirety shall require a year's notice(OOC: RL 1 month). Departure from article V shall require 3 months' notice(OOC: RL 1 week).
  4. Upon leaving or being expelled from the Punic League in its entirety a former member state shall remain member of the Punic Sphere.

Article VII:

The present Charter shall remain deposited in the governmental archives of the Empire of Carthage. Duly certified copies therof shall be transmitted by the Council of the Punic League to the governments of the member states.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized thereto by their respective governments, have signed the present Charter.


Signed for the Empire of Carthage,
His Imperial Highness Anysus I of Carthage, Emperor of Carthage, Protector of the Punic League, Protector of the Realm, Lion of Africa


Signed for the Celtiberian Confederation,

Chieftain Galitorvix



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